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New Good Practice case: Eliminating Child Labour: Lessons learned from Belize


November 2021

In 2014, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmer Association (BSCFA), representing over 5.000 sugar cane farmers, was temporarily suspended by Fairtrade’s certification body and issued corrective actions because of the use of child labour.

This good practice case illustrates how social dialogue can help address child labour. In cooperation with Fairtrade International, BSCFA put in place a process of social dialogue involving small producers, local youth, and other stakeholder organisations aimed at undertaking corrective action and protecting children. These efforts have led, among other results, to a drop in the number of reported cases of child labour.

The work in Belize illustrates the progress that can be made when small producer organisations and involved youth are enabled to lead the fight against child labour.

Read the new Good Practice on Fairtrade - Belize here.



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