The Global Deal

The Global Deal 2020: Year in Review


21 December 2020 - As 2020 is coming to an end, the Global Deal is looking back at some of the highlights. The Global Deal’s objectives to strengthen social dialogue, address the challenges in the global labour market and enable all people to benefit from globalisation are particularly relevant as the world is faced with unprecedented challenges that have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Global Deal emphasises the importance of social dialogue in managing the consequences of the pandemic, as well as the benefits of involving social partners in skills development to prepare for the future of work. Furthermore, throughout the ongoing pandemic, social dialogue has played a key role in developing policies to protect workers’ health against the spread of the virus. The second Global Deal Flagship Report, published in October 2020, also focuses on the involvement of social partners in the responses to the pandemic.


The Global Deal partnership continued to grow and new members, such as Ingka Group (IKEA), AXA, Suez, Korian Group, Entnest­, Somalia and Transdev, made commitments to enhance social dialogue and better conditions in the global labour market. As of December 2020, the Global Deal has 109 partners dedicated to promote social dialogue and decent work.


You can read the full document Global Deal 2020: Year in Review here



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