The Global Deal

Economic and Social Council (ESC) of Greece joins the Global Deal Partnership


August 2023

The Global Deal welcomes the Economic and Social Council (ESC) of Greece as a new partner. Modeled on the European Economic and Social Committee, the ESC of Greece is a national tripartite social dialogue institution established by Law in 1994, which brings together employers, workers, and a wide range of other stakeholders. As a constitutionally recognized body (2001) the Council fosters social dialogue and issues opinions on government proposals.


The ESC of Greece (OKE) is an active member of the Board of the Aicesis ( International Association of ESCs and Similar Institutions), of the UCESIF (Union des CES francophones) and of the network of the european ESCs.


As part of its commitment to the Global Deal, the ESC of Greece will continue to undertake initiatives to promote social dialogue as an effective tool for inclusive policy making. An example of this is the international conference on "Climate Crisis and Social Dialogue for Sustainable Transition" which involved members from the ESC of Greece, key stakeholders from workers’ and employers’ organisations, and civil society. Furthermore, the ESC of Greece will continue to promote multilateralism and mutual understanding through knowledge-sharing initiatives such as the “2023 Social Dialogue Summit”, which gathered representatives from other Southern and Eastern European councils.


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