The Global Deal

SANE Standard joins the Global Deal partnership


April 2024

SANE Standard stands as a comprehensive certification for sustainable fashion items. It ensures that certified products uphold an equitable regard for environmental preservation, labour rights, and consumer’s health. As part of its certification process, SANE conducts audits through third-party entities to ensure that all workers have the fundamental right to join or establish trade unions and engage in collective bargaining, free from any form of interference.

As part of its commitment to the Global Deal, SANE will contribute to addressing critical challenges within the fashion industry, including the achievement of living wages, the pursuit of decent work and the respect of workers’ rights. Moreover, SANE commits to foster social dialogue by developing guidelines, implementing capacity-building programs, and facilitating knowledge sharing initiatives.

Glenda Quintini, Head of the Global Deal Support Unit, said: "By welcoming SANE into the Global Deal family, we are not just advancing sustainability in fashion; we are forging a path towards a future where every worker's rights are upheld, the environment is respected, and consumer's health prioritised."

Mathilde Charpail, Managing Director of SANE, said: "SANE is thrilled to become a part of the Global Deal partnership. With the protection of workers' rights being a cornerstone of our standards, it is crucial for us to engage in efforts to facilitate social dialogue. We look forward to this positive collaboration that fosters a win-win relationship between workers and employers."


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