The Global Deal

Renault joins the Global Deal Partnership


December 2023

The Global Deal is thrilled to announce the Renault Group as its newest partner. With a workforce of over 105,000 employees spanning 35 countries and operating 34 factories worldwide, the Renault Group is a significant addition to the partnership.

Since the launch of its strategic plan in 2021, the Renault Group has embarked on a transformative journey, aiming to seamlessly blend performance and workplace well-being, all underpinned by a robust foundation of social dialogue.

In early 2023, the Renault Group initiated negotiations to reconfigure and strengthen its Group Work Council. The newly agreed-upon structure guarantees a more equitable representation, considering both the number of delegates and available seats, across the various EU countries where the company operates. This agreement has garnered the endorsement of European Union representatives, and - in alignment with its commitment to the Global Deal - Renault will ensure its implementation by December 2023.

Glenda Quintini said: “We are thrilled to welcome Renault to the Global Deal Partnership. With their extensive global reach and commitment to harmonising performance and workplace well-being, Renault's participation strengthens our mission to promote fair and inclusive workplaces worldwide.”


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