The Global Deal

New digital report “Improving Wages to Advance Decent Work in Supply Chains” by UN Global Compact


9 June 2021 - The new UN Global Compact digital report Improving Wages to Advance Decent Work in Supply Chains was launched today. It has been developed as part of the UN Global Compact Decent Work in Global Supply Chains Action Platform, in which the Global Deal participates. It is an alliance of 20+ companies who are committed to respect human rights and labour rights by leveraging their supply chains and have taken action to address decent work deficits.


The report encourages companies to promote and provide a living wage as an essential aspect of decent work to ensure all workers, families and communities can live in dignity. Social dialogue lies at the heart of this process. It enables enterprises to pay workers a living wage while also driving the living wage agenda forward by ensuring that improved business performance effectively translates into higher wages.


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