The Global Deal

Global Deal Masterclass Series on Sound Industrial Relations


To build capacity to engage in social dialogue, the Global Deal is offering a Masterclass Series on Sound Industrial Relations aimed at strengthening the capacity for individuals and organisations involved in grievance handling, workplace cooperation, collective bargaining, industrial relations during a crisis and non-discrimination in the workplace.

This course is based on the new Industrial Relations Global e-Toolkit, which is a capacity-building resource package developed by the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO). The e-Toolkit includes a full spectrum of training activities, diagnostic tools, methodologies and other resources that can be adapted and tailored to the needs of relevant stakeholders who seek to strengthen their knowledge of industrial relations policies and practices. Additionally, the training sessions support stakeholders in identifying effective solutions to labour relations challenges within their workplaces, industries and countries.


To view the video recordings of each session, please click on the links below:

Session 1: The Role of Grievance Handling

Session 2: The Role of Workplace Cooperation

Session 3: The Role of Collective Bargaining

Session 4: Industrial Relations in Times of Crisis 

Session 5: Industrial Relations for Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination in the Workplace 


The Global Deal Masterclass sessions are available as a free resource on the ITCILO e-Campus. If you are already registered on the e-Campus, you can access the toolkit directly by clicking on the following link. If it is the first time you log on to the e-Campus, you will need to create your own account first. Once you have created your account, then click on “find courses” and type “Industrial Relations Global Toolkit” or use the link provided above.



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