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Global Deal Focus Group: Social dialogue and the use of AI systems in the workplace




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Background of Global Deal focus groups



As set out in the 2024 work programme, the Global Deal Support Unit will establish focus groups to facilitate contact and exchange of good practices between Global Deal partners on issues of mutual concern related to social dialogue to stimulate peer learning and explore joint actions. Each focus group will bring together interested partners from different stakeholder categories to facilitate the exchange of insights and practices.


Goals and outputs

This focus group explores the role of social dialogue in addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with the use of AI systems in the workplace and its further effects on labour markets. By fostering effective social dialogue and collaboration, the focus group aims to better support a foundation for responsible and inclusive AI adoption. Findings will be published on Global Deal’s website and presented to partners via a webinar in late 2024.

The OECD Employment Outlook 2023 explores the effects of AI systems on the labour market. Although research shows mixed effects of AI on employment and job quality for now, risks of work intensification, labour control, and ethical challenges around privacy, discrimination and accountability are starting to emerge. As a result, there is a clear need to foster potential benefits of safe and trustworthy AI technologies while mitigating the risks through relevant policies and social dialogue. The Employment Outlook also addresses how social partners can support the introduction of AI in the workplace while safeguarding workers’ rights and facilitating transitions.
Since the release in November 2022 of ChatGPT, an advanced conversational AI system, various generative AI systems – which create new content in response to prompts – have been launched and have drawn attention to the capabilities of AI technologies.

Recognising the significance of fair and inclusive practices at the workplaces, the focus group aims to:

  • Examine the impact of AI on employment and working conditions.
  • Facilitate knowledge-sharing on good practices and build expertise.
  • Promote social dialogue on labour market transformations.


Meetings of the focus groups

The focus group kick-off session took place on March 27, chaired by Sabina Dewan from the JustJobs Network. Janine Berg, Senior Economist at the ILO, presented their working paper titled "Generative AI and Jobs: A Global Analysis of Potential Effects on Job Quantity and Quality," emphasizing its policy implications and the need for governance. Following this, Julie Lassebie, Labour Market Economist at the OECD, shared insights from the OECD Employment Outlook 2023 in her presentation "Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Skills," with a focus on social dialogue. The session also featured valuable contributions from the Global Deal partners including governments, trade unions, businesses and employers’ organisations, as well as other stakeholders. Participants decided to hold upcoming sessions on May 7th, June 4th, July 2nd and a final meeting in September 2024. 

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