The Global Deal

Elevating social dialogue in Kenya, Nigeria and Sri Lanka


 The Global Deal has completed a project in Kenya, Nigeria and Sri Lanka to address the barriers to effective dialogue, reduce gaps in decent work and improve working conditions. The programme - part of a broader project funded by the European Commission – was developed in close collaboration with the governments, social partners and the ILO.

The key outputs will include:

• A contextual study, delving into the current landscape of social dialogue and industrial relations in each of the countries, including good practice cases.

• Design and implementation of a Social Dialogue e-Learning Journey – a virtual training programme aimed at strengthening the capacity of representatives from governments and social partners to engage in social dialogue and sound industrial relations.

• An in-person high-level conference to present the contextual study and foster a tripartite discussion on how social dialogue can support decent work, labour market transitions and dispute resolution.

For more details you can read the project brochures:

Kenya brochure

Nigeria brochure

Sri Lanka brochure


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