The Global Deal

Asstel joins the Global Deal Partnership


October 2023


The Global Deal is delighted to announce Asstel as its newest partner. Founded in 2002, Asstel is an Italian industry association dedicated to representing a diverse spectrum of companies within the telecommunications and digital technology sectors. The core mission of Asstel revolves around championing the interests of its member companies at the institutional, political and economic level and actively fostering the advancement of Italy's telecommunications technology industry.

As part of its commitment to the Global Deal, Asstel will remain committed to representing companies that follow the National Collective Labour Agreement and/or the Outbound Agreement (Accordo Outbound) in their labour and trade union matters. Asstel will continue to provide support to ensure the effective negotiation and enforcement of the national collective labour agreements, fostering fair and equitable workplaces for all.

Furthermore, Asstel will continue to prioritise inclusion and gender equality. For instance, in the most recent update to the National Collective Labour Agreement in November 2020, specific provisions were introduced to address various social needs such as granting solidarity holidays, extending sick leave for employees facing severe illnesses, and providing allowances for victims of violence.


“We are honoured to have launched the partnership with Global Deal, which offers us an important opportunity to project on an international scale the actions that both the Association and the companies in the Telecommunications Supply Chain have undertaken to promote inclusive HR management. The telecommunications industry has always been an enabler of digital transformation and is currently engaged in a profound process of transformation, in which the role of the people working within it is, and will increasingly be, central.” said Laura Di Raimondo, Director-General of Asstel.


“The partnership between Asstel and the Global Deal signifies a collaborative effort towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and responsible future for the telecommunications and digital technology sectors. Together, we look forward to embarking on impactful initiatives, promoting fair labour practices, and contributing to the growth and prosperity of these vital industries in Italy and beyond.” said Glenda Quintini, Head of the Global Deal Support Unit.


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