The Global Deal

News release: SGI Europe joins the Global Deal Partnership


December 2022


The Global Deal welcomes SGI Europe as a new partner. SGI Europe represents employers and enterprises providing services of general interest in the European Union (EU). As one of the general cross-industry social partners, SGI Europe engages in bipartite and tripartite negotiations at the European level, and represents the interests of its members before the EU institutions. SGI Europe is the first employers’ association of the EU cross-industry social dialogue to join the Global Deal.


As part of its first commitment to the Global Deal, SGI Europe will continue its efforts to support the EU social dialogue in line with the priorities identified by the EU Social Partners in their Work Programme 2022-24, including the review and update of the 2002 Autonomous Agreement on Telework with the views of transforming it into a directive. SGI Europe will also strengthen the capacity of its members to engage in social dialogue at the national level through training and knowledge-sharing.


As part of a second commitment, SGI Europe will further promote a fair green transition, especially in the context of the EU Year of Skills in 2023. The road to a low-carbon economy will have a significant impact on the type of skills demanded by labour markets. Consequently, SGI Europe will address skills mismatches and identify pathways to improve the provision of vocational education and training (VET) with a focus on emerging green skills. As a landmark of its pledge, SGI Europe conducted the Green Skills in VET project, aimed at promoting better cooperation between SGI providers and VET institutions.


“A just transition needs social dialogue, but it never appears out of thin air. There is a need for a strong institutional framework to ensure that social partners can tackle today’s numerous labour market challenges”, said Valeria Ronzitti, SGI Europe’s General Secretary, at the Global Deal High-Level Social Dialogue Forum held in Madrid on 2 and 3 November 2022.


“We welcome SGI Europe and look forward to working together on its commitments to reinforce social dialogue and to address skills mismatching through the provision of vocational education and training.” said Alessandro Goglio, Acting Head of the Global Deal Support Unit.


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