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Save the date: Global Deal High-level Social Dialogue Forum 2021


Edited on 20 September 2021 - We are pleased to announce that the first Global Deal High-level Social Dialogue Forum will take place from the 11-14 October. It will be a virtual event and open to the public. Participants are invited to register using the below link:


Social dialogue has been effective against the multiple challenges that were raised by the COVID-19 crisis. It has played a key role in maintaining jobs despite a sudden collapse in demand, and in giving workers more confidence in returning to workplaces by improving safety and protection against COVID-19.


The forum will focus on the role that a strong process of dialogue, consultation and negotiation between governments and social partners plays in addressing the longer term issues brought about by the pandemic. It will also address how to manage a process of change that is both human-centered and productive when it comes to a faster introduction of digitalisation and automation into the world of work than would have been the case pre-pandemic.


There will be four main sessions to the Forum: 

Monday 11 October    Tuesday 12 October Wednesday 13 October Thursday 14 October
Building a Strong and Inclusive Jobs Recovery Addressing Inequalities: Social Dialogue and Global Supply Chains Addressing Inequalities: Social Dialogue and Due Diligence Double Disruption: Social Dialogue, Digitalisation and COVID-19

In addition to the main programme, there will be partner-led events in the margins of the Forum with to present the work of Global Deal partners in relation to social dialogue and underline some of the actions taken to implement their commitments.


Please check the Forum website for more information. You can also follow us on Twitter or on our website for updates.

Key Speakers Include:

Anna Hallberg

Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Cooperation, Sweden

Sharan Burrow

General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation

Claudio Omar Moroni

Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Argentina 

Mathias Cormann

Secretary-General, OECD

Jean-Pierre Clamadieu

Chairman, ENGIE 

Eva Nordmark

Minister for Employment, Sweden 

Guy Ryder

Director-General, ILO

Yolanda Díaz

Minister of Labour and Social Economy, Spain

Sanda Ojiambo

Executive Director, UN Global Compact 

Gabriela Bucher

Executive Director, Oxfam International

Christian Levin

President and CEOScania

Nicolas Schmit

EU Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights


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