Report on the Global Deal conference “Social Dialogue for a Better Future of Work”, 4 February 2020


11 March 2020 - We are pleased to be able to share with you a summary of the Global Deal conference Social Dialogue for a Better Future of Work, which took place in Paris on 4 February 2020. The conference brought together a wide variety of stakeholders from across the globe to exchange experiences about how we can advance social dialogue and plan for the future of work. The conference provided an excellent opportunity to showcase partners’ commitments and to discuss ideas and approaches that are responsive to changing labour markets and technological developments.


The conference was a great success, bringing together representatives from two thirds of the Global Deal partnership, as well as from 32 country delegations. Some 300 people from around the world representing national and sub-national governments, businesses and employers’ organisations, labour unions, civil society and international organisations discussed how different stakeholders can build more inclusive, resilient and equal societies through improved social dialogue.
The discussion highlighted a number of promising initiatives, together we also identified what remains to be done. You can read more about the key messages in the conference summary, which includes a link to a gallery of photographs from the day, as well as a short film.


We look forward to continuing to work together in the weeks, months and years to come to create “win-win-win” opportunities in which more inclusive labour markets and economic growth lead to better socio-economic outcomes and greater well-being for workers and improved performance for businesses.


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