Platform for sharing of experiences and good practices


3 July 2018 - One of the key elements of the Global Deal is to provide platforms for sharing experiences and good practices of how various stakeholder´s can further the Global Deal objectives. The plan is to launch an electronic platform on the Global Deal website to illustrate different forms of social dialogue and sound industrial relations from the partners.


As an inspiration, two articles below tells the story of how three partners, the trade union Unionen, the Swedish alcohol retailing company Systembolaget, and the bus and lorry manufacturer Scania, have used social dialogue to enhance working conditions and health in the wine- and manufacturing industries respectively.


Global Deal partners are welcomed and encouraged to share their experiences and good practices with the Global Deal support unit to be showcased on the electronic platform. Please contact for more information.


“Trade unions fighting for decent work in the wine industry”


“The example of Scania: Successful health programme in the spirit of the Global Deal”

Section News Platform for sharing of experiences and good practices


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