The Global Deal

News release: The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) joins the Global Deal


October 2022


The Global Deal welcomes the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as a partner. Founded in 1997, GRI is an independent organisation that enables businesses, governments, and other organizations to understand, identify and publicly disclose their impacts on the environment, the economy, and people. The GRI Standards are used by more than 10,000 organisations in over 100 countries, making GRI a global leader for the provision of such sustainability reporting standards.

As part of their commitment to the Global Deal, GRI will enhance corporate transparency on labour-related topics, including freedom of association and collective bargaining, through the development of credible corporate disclosures that take account of the different stakeholder perspectives. To this end, GRI recently appointed a Labour Technical Committee – with representatives from the International Labour Organisation, International Employers Organisation and trade union representatives – to lead the revision of GRI labour-related standards.

“GRI has strengthened reporting on human rights due diligence and we are now taking forward a process to enhance disclosures on labour rights and conditions of work. Staff are a key stakeholder group for any organisation, therefore participatory processes with workers and their representatives are crucial. Becoming a Global Deal partner will help GRI to further embed engagement with our stakeholders, including worker organisations, trade unions and civil society”, said Harold Pauwels, GRI Director of Standards.

“A strong and comparable framework for disclosure on labour rights and work conditions is a key pre-requisite to understanding the impact of any organization on the economy, the environment and society at large. We welcome GRI as a Global Deal partner and look forward to working together on its commitment to raising awareness worldwide of the crucial benefits of sound corporate reporting and transparency for sustainable development”, said Alessandro Goglio, Acting Head of the Global Deal Support Unit.



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