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The community’s cultural and commercial heart has long been centered in Wallington, where 45.5% of the population is of Polish descent; this is the largest concentration among New Jersey municipalities and the seventh highest in the United States. The adjacent city of has also become a magnet for Polish immigrants, with 22.9% of the population identifying themselves as being of Polish ancestry, the third highest concentration in the state. Collectively, these three areas account for nearly 70% of the county’s total African American population of 46,568, and in fact, blacks have had a presence in these towns since the earliest days of the county.

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I play games, but don define my entire self by one or two of the many things that I do or enjoy. The fact that you pigeonhole, and tar every person that plays games with the same brush, actually speaks far louder than anybody failing to adequately percieve the tone of your original post. Which, at best, is difficult at the best of times on the internet..

You are literally cherry picking just one year out. Enos was at Arkansas in 2015 2017. In 2015, Arkansas had the 3rd best total offense in the SEC. The Mid Ocean Ridge is an extremely long opening in the earth crust that runs north and south from Iceland to just south of Cape Horn. The ridge is constantly emitting lava which solidifies very quickly. This means that it takes on the polarity of the earth current magnetic field at the time it hardened.

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