Incentive comes when employees adhere to stipulations

A far greater risk of variable pay schemes however is that it discourages risk taking. Incentive comes when employees adhere to stipulations, and critics contend that most incentive plans are manipulative and steer workers to a desired behavior beach cover up, treating employees like a cog in the machine. The prospect of offering group or even individual incentives make supervisors force employees to work unpaid overtime or skip breaks..

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Bathing Suits 1 point submitted 11 days agoConsidering we just had posted a survey that showed 70% of Ontarians didn even know we had a carbon tax, I think that goes more to my point of this being a faulty poll.I not sure exactly what you want me to prove here. You can look at articles like this that show most Canadians don understand that carbon pricing actually does work, 30% don believe in man made climate change and more than half of Canadians don understand what carpon pricing meansIn order for this poll (or any poll) to be valid, there needs to be more than one question.What % of those polled understand what carbon tax is? What % of those polled understand that it not something coming soon or that just happened yesterday? What % are opposed to all taxes?And the wording of the poll mattered. If the question was “Do you believe the carbon tax is a fair way to protect our environment?” you would would get a completely different set of data.Polling questions need to be asked neutrally, and if the question was “Do you consider the carbon tax a tax grab?” that is not even remotely a neutral question.On that note, any time I see an article like this and they do not have the initial questions and demographic breakdown handy it makes me question things.. Bathing Suits

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