Dyax management expects 2012 total revenue of $50 54MM

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cheap swimwear Most of the company’s sales come from the European continent, where the company made 62.35% of its 2013 revenues. The Other segment mostly consists of sales made in the USA as well as a minor contribution from its Chinese joint venture (I’m assuming this last part: no data available). Unfortunately I cannot show operating profit per geography as the company does not provide these numbers. cheap swimwear

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one piece swimsuits Since its approval by the FDA in August 2011, Firazyr seems to be gaining sales momentum (Figure 1).In Q2 2012, Kalbitor reached $9.2 MM net sales for Dyax, an increase of 14% from Q1 ($8MM). Dyax management expects 2012 total revenue of $50 54MM, with Kalbitor net sales of $36 40MM and the balance of the revenue coming from its LFRP licensing program. There are three new drugs to treat acute HAE (Kalbitor, Firazyr and Berinert). one piece swimsuits

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