BIG PICTURE: Do more megapixels make a better picture?VIVID

Canada Goose Jackets And by average camera, I talking about a smartphone.Even the best phone camera will struggle to pick up the bold hues and stark contrast of a theatrically floodlit Opera House.And it this opportunity that Canon has seized, equipping tour guests with its new EOS 80D camera designed for photography enthusiasts who want more than a blurry, throwaway file to remember the event.BIG PICTURE: Do more megapixels make a better picture?VIVID TIPS: Five camera tips and tricks for capturing Vivid SydneyCanon EOS 80D is an upgrade from the three year old 70D and shows improvements where it counts. While it looks the same, even down to its buttons and dials, this camera boasts faster and more accurate focus, better video modes, and easy smartphone connectivity that can even help the photographic outcome.Bold colours.Its APS C sensor takes a small jump from 20 to 24 megapixels, it adds a faster processor, and its top native ISO rating creeps from 12,800 to 16,000 for more options in the dimmest of light.But the most noticeable change is its autofocus performance. This camera now boasts 45 cross type autofocus points a leap from 19 in the last model and its phase detect autofocus has been upgraded for speed.What does this mean when taking photos? Point this camera lens down a dramatically lit Sydney laneway, and it will lock its focus in fractions of a second. Canada Goose Jackets

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