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buy canada goose jacket cheap Jessica Botelho Urbanski grew up in Winnipeg reading the Free Press mainly the cartoons and columns by Lindor Reynolds so it feels somewhat surreal for her to be working here now.After four reporting internships with the paper, she joined the editorial team in December 2017 as a general assignment reporter, covering everything from crime and courts, to human rights issues and political snafus on any given day. She moved to the Manitoba Legislature in 2018.Jessica graduated from Red canada goose outlet england River College and the University of Winnipeg with a joint communications degree. She is the co founder of Broadsheet WPG, a series of networking events for female identifying and non binary journalists.When she not working, you probably find Jessica at a music festival, taste testing new restaurants or trying to learn Portuguese so she can finally understand her grandmother, who speaks very little English buy canada goose jacket cheap.