About Global Deal

The Global Deal is a global partnership with the objective of jointly addressing the challenges in the global labour market and enabling all people to benefit from globalisation. The Global Deal is a multi-stakeholder partnership in line with Goal 17 (“partnerships for the goals”) in the UN 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. It is also a concrete input to several of the other goals, not least goal 8 on decent work and inclusive growth and goal 10 on inequalities. 

The Global Deal aims to encourage governments, businesses, unions and other organisations to make commitments to enhance social dialogue. Social dialogue includes all types of negotiation, consultation or exchange of information between or among representatives of governments, employers and workers on issues of common interest relating to economic and social policy. Effective social dialogue can contribute to decent work, quality jobs and increased productivity and by extension to greater equality and inclusive growth. The Global Deal thus offers a win-win-win opportunity for all actors on the labour market.

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