Next steps for those associating with the Global Deal

Joining the Global Deal means that you support the Declaration of Support. Based on the Declaration of Support, each partner is asked to make voluntary commitments or reinforce existing commitments. These commitments express the intentions of the participants and will serve to provide inspiration and best practices to others. Commitments can include policy changes, cooperation projects, trainings, workshops etc. Commitments can be local, national and/or international. You will be able to find illustrations and best practices on the Global Deal website. All associated partners are encouraged to share their commitments and these could be also be published on the Global Deal website. There will be no new reporting requirements in relation to these commitments; your existing reporting will be used in the follow-up.

Upon expressing support to the initiative, those joining will have their name, link to official website and logotype on the Global Deal website.

All countries are encouraged to invite businesses, trade unions, employer organisations and other organisations in their respective countries to join the Global Deal. National platforms could be developed.

A support unit has been established in the Swedish Government Offices to coordinate the initiative, through regular follow-up and coordination with partners. The Support Unit will handle communication, facilitate the production of studies, development of tools and develop the means to share experiences and best practices. It can be contacted at Please note that information sent to this address can become public in accordance with Sweden’s Public Access to Information Act.

A Global Deal advisory group will be formed, composed of representatives from governments, businesses, employer organisations, trade unions and international organisations wishing to be more actively involved. The group will contribute to the development and direction of the Global Deal. Please indicate to the Support Unit at if you are interested in joining the group.

A meeting to take stock of progress will be held in the fall of 2017. More information will follow. Other meetings and events will also be taking place during 2017. Keep abreast with developments on the Global Deal website.