New Global Deal publication: Social dialogue facilitated through National Contact Points for responsible business conduct

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is one of the founding partners of the Global Deal. The Organisation has developed the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. The Guidelines are recommendations on responsible business conduct addressed by governments to businesses operating in, or from, adhering countries. They provide non-binding principles and standards for corporate … Continued

Focus on social dialogue and the future of work in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 10 September 2018 – During half a day, representatives from the Argentine government, business sector, trade union movement and academia met to discuss the role of social dialogue in shaping the future of work in an Argentinian context. In two panel discussions, participants shared their respective views of the challenges and opportunities connected with creating an inclusive growth that benefits both worker´s, companies and society at large in Argentina.

Platform for sharing of experiences and good practices

One of the key elements of the Global Deal is to provide platforms for sharing experiences and good practices of how various stakeholder´s can further the Global Deal objectives. The two articles below tells the story of how three partners, the trade union Unionen, the Swedish alcohol retailing company Systembolaget, and the bus and lorry manufacturer Scania, have used social dialogue to enhance working conditions and health in the wine- and manufacturing industries respectively.

Colombia hosted the first Regional Tripartite Seminar on Global Deal

The Colombian Ministry for Labour, headed by Minister for labour Griselda Janeth Restrepo Gallego, together with the Swedish Embassy in Colombia hosted a Regional Tripartite Seminar on Global Deal on 22 May. The Seminar in Bogotá  gathered participants from 18 countries, including ministers and vice-ministers from Colombia, Panama and Guatemala as well as representatives from trade unions and employer organisations.