The Global deal declaration

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A Global Deal: Enhanced Social Dialogue for Decent Work and Inclusive Growth

Social dialogue in the labor market and quality industrial relations can reduce possible inequalities arising from globalisation, increase productivity, boost economic growth and contribute to sustainable development.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – adopted by the UN – includes a goal on promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all (SDG8). Social dialogue in the world of work is a vital means for realising this goal.

Social dialogue includes all types of negotiation, consultation or exchange of information between or among representatives of governments, employers and workers on issues of common interest relating to economic and social policy.

We, from Governments, businesses and employers’ organisations, trade unions, international organisations and other stakeholders, support a new and better understanding and dialogue between labour and capital, on the basis of the Global Deal concept. We will take action to enhance social dialogue in the labour market as a means to achieve decent work and steadily improve job quality, thus contributing to inclusive growth and shared prosperity.

  • For states, the Global Deal means ratifying or making sustained efforts towards ratifying and respecting the ILO’s fundamental conventions. States should recognise social dialogue as part of the democratic form of government, facilitate structures for social dialogue and encourage concrete agreements through collective negotiations.
  • For employers, the Global Deal means respecting these rights in practice, operating with social responsibility and being prepared to negotiate agreements locally, nationally, regionally or globally. Operating with social responsibility also means that businesses should exercise due diligence in seeking responsible supply chains according to international standards.
  • For trade unions, the Global Deal means acting in accordance with their social responsibilities when they negotiate, but also contributing to the overall development of the company or the organisation.
  • For States, employers, businesses, and unions, the Global Deal is a means of moving forward together on shared objectives for inclusive growth and sustainable development.

As part of our work to promote the Global Deal concept, including in support of national efforts to achieve SDG8, we will exchange ideas, solutions, experiences and challenges, lessons learned and policy advice; promote concrete initiatives and voluntary commitments in support of the Global Deal concept; highlight opportunities for cooperation and capacity building in the area of decent work and job quality; and encourage research and analytical work on the role of institutions in the labour market.

The OECD Job Quality Framework can be a useful tool to assess results of efforts to promote social dialogue in the labour market.

We commit to reporting publicly on actions undertaken to realise the above principles and to updating our commitments in light of new challenges and opportunities.